Sundays, the day of 'rest' and also the day that fills many of us with dread as it heralds the start of a new work week and let's face it, nobody actually wants to get up early on Monday morning bracing themselves for another week of hellish commuting.
I'm not sure about you but when Sunday morning rolls around, I often myself laying in bed with a cup of green tea, musing over new YouTube videos and catching up on posts from some of my favourite bloggers. I find it to be a nice way to ease myself into the day and being inspired by pretty darn good content to get me through the upcoming week.

With this in mind and with my promise to regularly upload on Sundays, I have decided to create a series entitled 'Sunday Stories.' It will be a way for me to share with you all the things that I've loved, lusted over and sometimes, disliked (because you can't always love everything) over the week. I'm hoping that my new series will provide you with some inspiration in the same way that I find it through other creative content, as well as just being something for you to enjoy reading whenever and wherever you fancy it.


I have something to tell you (pun most definitely intended), everyone's favourite sister act with a penchant for great riffs, awesome snares and killer style, are back with a new album and boy oh boy, it has definitely been worth the wait! Haim released 'Something To Tell You' on Friday and it is every bit as amazing as I anticipated. It's so good in fact, it has left me longing to be the adopted fourth Haim sister - not entirely sure how that'll work, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking. 
If you want to listen to music that will make you dance as though you're in an 80s flick - Molly Ringwald dreams anybody?! - you can listen to the album here.
STAND-OUT SINGLE: Nothing's Wrong.

My favourite vlogs this week come by way of two lovely ladies from Norwich - both of whom are named Laura (yes, this isn't lost on me either). When it comes to YouTube I've found that I'm not as interested in the platform as I once was and it has dawned on me that maybe it is because I need to subscribe to new channels instead of watching the same vloggers over and over again. That is why I love what both Laura's do with their channels - I seriously feel as though I'm having a casual conversation with friends when watching their vlogs and that to me is so important when watching YouTube videos, I love it when there is a sense of relatability and you the distance between viewer and content creator isn't glaringly obvious. 
This week both girls have been giving me major #housegoals (I'm aware that #goals isn't really a thing anymore, but roll with me on this one):
Laura W and her hubby recently became home-owners and moved into their very beautiful first home together, I've been following their journey on Instagram so I really enjoyed watching their moving vlog and seeing the end result. 
Laura S can usually be found making changes to her home and I love every interior choice that she makes - her office makeover in this week's vlog has got me looking forward to the day that I can have my own office and make all my interior dreams come true.

I first started blogging way back in sixth form college rather sporadically mind, but one of my biggest influences back then and still to this day is the wonderful Emily Johnston from Fashion Foie Gras. Emiy's blog is great but I've found myself loving her Instagram profile more and more lately - I find the vibrant colours, stunning destinations and hoardes of gorgeous buildings so dreamy. Emily is the kind of girl you'd go for afternoon tea with and who wouldn't mind you getting all the shots for the 'gram that you need.

I'm sure you will have all read the interview of the moment with Lucinda Chambers- ex Vogue Fashion Director. A no holds barred insight into the fashion industry, it is a refreshing piece on what to expect and what is to be expected in that scene. The interview highlights that as successful and as inspiring as Lucinda is, she still faces the same doubts and fear of failure as you and I - it's comforting to know that you're not alone in that sense. I can't recommend this read enough.



I love a good bakery and I also have a well-known obsession with stunning interiors, so when I stumbled upon The Flour Pot Bakery on a recent trip to Brighton, I didn't waste any time in walking in. With exposed copper piping, filament bulbs and a beautiful marble counter - The Flour Pot has the interior of dreams! Oh and the delicious fresh cakes, loaves and great range of drinks will leave you wanting more (I definitely wanted another slice of their lemon and poppyseed loaf). 
The staff are also really welcoming which is big must-have for me when visiting any eatery.

Whether you're looking for somewhere to recoup after a busy day of wandering around and taking in the bustling atmosphere of North Laine or you just fancy picking up some tasty treats - then this place is the perfect mix of good vibes and good food. With three other Brighton locations and one in Hove, you really have no excuse to miss out on this gem should you find yourself in the area.

Location: 40 Sydney Street, Brighton BN1 4EP


Change, it happens and we all experience it but it doesn't necessarily mean that we can all adapt to it in the same way. I'll be the first one to admit that whilst I crave and embrace change, it usually does take me a while to fully adapt to it.

As the years have gone by, however, I have realised that in order for certain things to happen and for goals to be achieved, it's imperative to go through a season of change whether you feel completely comfortable with it or not. That is why I've decided to switch things here on my blog.
The eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that I now have a new layout - this is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time as I felt that if I'm to take my blog in a new direction then the design has to reflect this. It is a lot more interactive than my previous design and that's exactly what I want 'Lola Faith' to be as a site, interactive. I want to build a platform where posts are easier to follow and one in which you as a reader, can get a clearer glimpse into what I get up to - whether that's being able to view my current location, see my latest Pinterest pins or even being able to shop my monthly favourites. 

In keeping with the subject of change, I am also going to be trialling a new upload schedule - that way you can visit the blog on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings knowing that a new post awaits.

So there you have it, things are going to be a little different around here. The reason for this change? 
I hear you ask.
The truth is, I hadn't been happy with my blog for a very long time. I would refer to myself as a 'blogger' without actually believing that I was one, I would constantly try to rebrand in order to find my place within the community, losing my way each time, I would delete old posts and I stopped caring about the one main passion that I've had for as long as I can remember and that is being creative, expressing myself through creating my own content. Then it hit me - I could either continue to be miserable about the rut that I found myself wallowing in or I could take the time to pick myself up, make a plan and the necessary changes to get myself and this blog back on track.

This is a work in progress, but I hope that you join me on this journey and embrace my content in the way that I'd love you to. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is important for change to occur in order to realise and achieve goals.


Photography by Joe Galvin.

My love for all things vintage seems to get stronger and stronger as the years go by. It began with rummaging through my mum's wardrobe and borrowing some of her classic items to style - since then I have built up a collection of vintage pieces, everything from bags to the perfect oversized herringbone jacket. I think I'm attracted to the charm of vintage, the idea that each item has a bit of history and a story behind it.

One of my favourite ways to wear vintage is reworked - take this beautiful midi dress from Beyond Retro, I had long been looking for an off-shoulder floral number for Spring/Summer when I came across this reworked gem in the Brighton store. Knowing that something old can be salvaged and turned into a one-off piece, is what I love the most about wearing reworked vintage. This dress has everything that I look for in the perfect day dress - a statement pattern, movement, a flattering silhouette and the added pockets give it a casual edge (pockets are a must for me). It's so perfect in fact, that I didn't really need to style it at all. Teamed with my suede Topshop flats, I have a feeling that this will be one of my go-to looks for the warmer months ahead.

For a more playful feel, I also styled the dress with my favourite baker boy cap - it might not necessarily be the first accessory of choice for this kind of outfit, but that's the beauty of wearing reworked vintage, you can almost make up your own fashion rules and really cater to your personal style. 
If you're like me and often find it difficult to find exactly what you're looking for on the high-street, then maybe giving vintage a chance is also for you. Nowadays, I find a lot of my vintage pieces online using eBay and Depop, mainly accessories and tops though because I find that I personally need to try dresses, skirts and jeans on in-store. On the topic of vintage stores, I've already mentioned Beyond Retro but Blitz London is another favourite of mine.

Reworked vintage truly can be a wardrobe must-have, you just have to know what you want as you do have to invest a lot of time searching through racks and racks of clothes, or scrolling through quite a few pages online, but it's usually worth it to find that one-off piece that seems as though it was almost made just for you.


Photography by Joe Galvin.
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